Mini Q’s Terms & Conditions


• Once a booking has been made and paid for no cancellation or refund will be given.
• Once payment is made a VAT invoice will automatically be generated. No further receipt will be issued.
• Once booked there is no time restriction on when the quiz may be taken.

The Quiz

• The quiz may only be taken once. If a re-take is required the quiz must be selected again and paid for.
• Once the time limit of 45 minutes is reached the quiz will shut down and cannot be reactivated unless selected and paid for again.
• • Once purchased the quiz is for the use of one person only.


• No screen shots, photographs or other method of recording, copying or duplicating of a quiz are allowed whether electronically or manually.
•All content remains the copyright of GKJ Consultants Limited.

Please note: the quiz does not contain any audio so may not be suitable for the visually impaired.